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Personalised, supportive and therapeutic music education for community services, allied health workers and carers.


Creative support for kids, teens and young people with complex needs


Evidence-based support for parents, kids and community support to engage, communicate and connect through music.


Therapeutic stress relief, mindfulness and relaxation for carers, clients and educators
The Resound approach

At Resound, we believe all people are inherently musical regardless of their musical skill or background. Our brains and bodies are wired to respond to and create music - This is why music can act as a bridge between where we, are and where we want to be. 

We also believe that you are unique. Our practices are based in decades of clinical research in the use of music for enhancing mental, emotional and physical wellbeing... But they are also tailored to you

Your choices, abilities and interests are important, which is why we aim to collaborate with you throughout our journey together.  

How does music therapy work?

Music therapy is an evidence-based allied health profession, which means the techniques used are founded in clinical studies and research. Music therapy can activate neurological physiological and psychological pathways that help people achieve change. Because music is motivating, familiar and fun, many children (including neuro-diverse children with ASD and ADHD) with challenges such as speech delays, social and emotional regulation concerns often benefit from using music therapeutically to enhance their development in these areas. Currently, NDIS supports music therapy services, and funding may be available to individuals seeking support when accessing music therapy. Although everyone will respond differently, music therapy has been found to make a real difference for people experiencing a range of difficulties from many backgrounds. Read more about what music therapy can do here.

Sierra Verity-Beasley RMT
BA PgDPsych, MMT

Sierra Verity-Beasley (she/her) is a registered Music Therapist, and creator of Resound Music Therapy - Based in Melbourne, Australia.

Sierra has a passion for advocating for and working with people with a range of diversities, mental health challenges, trauma, complex needs and disability to live full, enriched, and thriving creative lives.

Sierra has worked within private and public disability and mental health organisations for over 11 years, supporting people of all ages and backgrounds. She has extensive experience supporting people with neurological challenges, mental health challenges and helping them express their emotions, build on their innate skills and experience their creativity through music.

She has also been a music educator and composer since 2008, facilitating community performances and workshops, and she believes musical communities are happy and healthy ones. 



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Resound welcomes adults of all backgrounds and all abilities who want to use music in their classrooms, therapy work or early childhood groups to engage, teach and create with kids.

Resound also offers free resources to email subscribers with songs, research and musical activities that are based on clinical experience of our registered music therapists and research.


Children and young people

Ages 1-19
Because we're hard-wired to respond to music from birth, children and young people will often thrive in musical environments. Using music to achieve non-musical goals can see improvements in communication (speech delays, expressive language), emotional regulation (including managing sensory needs), identity formation, self-awareness, social skills and much more.

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